20 mai 2012


Pondichery, Tamil Nadu, India   This raising funds thing was a mistake and an immoral stupidity. But not because I was "taking poor people's money" or "ashaming France" - I wish I could. No. But after a few days doing this, a statement needs to be done. I'll do my mea culpa, but I first need to show my rules. 1- I will not work for money, except if I need to do it in order to reach Antarctica. Which involves I can work for food or accomodation, that I ALREADY did - remember Bikaner. 2- LIVING WITHOUT MONEY DOESN'T MEAN I LIVE... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2012

Interview with the Are you serious project

I added the adress of AYS in the right colunm of the blog. The work and travel they did in South America is remarkable. Check them out. http://areyouseriousproject.com/interview-heading-south/ By the way my funding strategy is on its way, and I should go to Bangkok (lots of changes, sorry) in a few days, thanks to everybody. I've been doing A LOT of searching about Antarctica and the wherabouts of my projects, these days. This place is truly amazing, and especially for the people living there, actually. I can't wait to get there -... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2012

Walked Kms:560/ Total Kms:12750

Chennai, Tamil Nadu   A few days I'm trying to raise money to go Malaysia. I first arrived Chennai ten days ago, realized the harbour was closed to non-sailsmen, tried to get a permit without success, headed for Mahabalipuram, where I am right now, 60 kms down from the capital of Tamil Nadu.  CouchSurfing at Bob Marley Cafe, on the beach, I get help and support by people who are definetly among those I'll remember: true open-hearted human jewels. Robeat, the owner of the Bob Marley Cafe, is the main one : He suggested... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2012


http://www.howtotraveltheworldforfree.com/ I just sent this guy a message on CouchSurfing. Damn. It ruins my movie project ^^ I have nothing to say. Apart from a big appreciative whistle. We didn't went the same way neither I should do the same amount of kilometers but... That's it. I couldn't help thinking, during this whole travel: "I'm doing that, and nobody will never know it. So it means tousands of people did more, and more."
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