I'm back home. It's been a while, actually. About a month. It took me a bit of time to say it, though I took this decision in a split-second, in a car headed for Bundaberg, QZ, Australia. It was as clear a decision as leaving my country in the first place. Antarctica fell asleep as this motto of my life it's been this last year. Life went too harsh to bear without this light that brightened my path. Lost my tent, phone, computer charger, shit loads of stuff. Was living under a tarpaulin and a tropical storm in a public ditch for three days. looking at it, I realize that's a pretty okay situation in regards to what I've done. The problem was elsewhere. I lacked everything I had and  my freedom was no more to compensate for it - I felt I relied on everybody, considered the idea of taking my parents' money to get to New-Zealand. I couldn't solve my visa issues lurking ahead. This trip is over, and I'm done with Antarctica. For now. 

But the virus of travel bit me. Heaps of projects already structure my future. 

One last word for everybody and everything that make life wonderful. I see your faces, all of them: