Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia


I've been depicting a lot of bad stuff on this blog, and there's more to be told. But now I realize I may give the idea I'm suffering hell - while I'm having the time of my life ! Australia IS wonderful ! I'm particularly amazed by birds and wildlife in general, they're my daily companions (Koo-koo-koo-kaa-ka-kaaaaa !!!!) and they're gracious companions. Australians are awesome folks: generous, laid-back, simple - a few weirdos, they're my favourites ^^ I feel they're the people it would be the harder to encage. They just love their freedom, their bleemin' kilometers of wilderness. Well, actually, not everybody, for sure. But this is a happy article, I'll stick to it. Australian nature is so devastatingly beautiful, and so untouched ! Those forests... Plus, in the North, I had super-good friends (Gisele, Alana - big kisses to you, dangerously alive people !) along with the south (Mick'n'Pocahontas, may Couch Surfing be praised for the centuries to come).


This sunset in Chennai, an explosion of green and pink, like a stellar eyecat. Our mystic walk in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey. The first three days: exhilaration, Freedom, FREEDOM. This unvaluable feeling that I can go where I want - climbing this volcano in Sumatra just because it was there and appealed me - AMRITSAR. Boats, boats, boats. A chat with two young Indonesians, frozen to death on the way to Flores. My three-days ride with these amazing Punjabi truckers.Sitting two hours in front of Taj Mahal. My incredible days in Hampi. Croatian wilderness in winter. Venezia giardinnis. Peeling almonds along Greek roads.Frying meat in the hills with Francois. ATHENES. Our little stove in the damn cold Turkish mountains. Esfahan, esfahan. My arrival in Delhi and my night in the slums. Thai hills. Malaysian jungle, alone.



PS: I have new shoes. But the way I got them for free is so awesome I need pictures to show you.