After heaps of problem to reach this big island, here I am, in the middle of the stuart Highway, heading, finally, for the cold south. Let's see how's Tasmania.

Australia's a weird country. Looks very clean. A bit like switzerland. And a bit like them, they disregarded the crisis, though I doubt they'll escape it when south'east asia will fall behind India and the hidden flaws of China. There's no clean way to escape a crisis. One of them is to have such a high-valued currency that it would repel immigration and create "a kind of indepedency" - I'm being a bit cynical, here, 'cause whatever the showcases around the island might show, 97% of aboriginal population died from imported sicknesses, rape, murder - that's how you get ressources, and "indepedency". Now they die from smoke and alcohol. The system kills them, and it is forbidden to blame the system). Paradoxically, in good ol' Australia, you're incredibly free, and also incredibly trapped. Free, cuz the country's huge, and bush food is more abundant than you think, the police won't go for you, where nobody goes but helicopters. And believe me, I met a few bushmen, those women and men who choosed to be 100% free for living a harsh life. Trapped, because it is forbidden to live without money in Australia, like in every western country. Every day that passes, I realize how true is this statement: police protects the rich. Live it, you'll understand it. All this system protects where this money comes from. It is so funny that the UN and their funders look at the third world like a child unable to think by itself while themselves are a (white) copy of it. Ass-licking is just hidden behind fancier walls, big pick-ups and black glasses. The reality of our world is somewhere in an african village, devastated by corruption, greed and hunger.

But Australia (like switzerland, as a matter of fact) is also a rejoicing place: every "mates", here, feel like that's the place they belong to- they have a strong sense of community. I like that. And this country is gorgeous. Pristine. I swam in the more beautiful waterholes in my life. Food is abundant, even if poisonous, for 60% of it ^^

I sleep with the stars of the desert, the random nocturnal stomps of the wallabies (dodgy game, they are), and the cries of the parrots. Love the outback. Truly. But leaving it.