26 avril 2012

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23 avril 2012

Walked Kms: 540 / Total Kms: 11800

GOA Relaxing, swimming with the waves, partying for my birthday with this Korean and this awesome polish girl. Waiting for the amazing Indian sun to set in the palm trees. Cooking potatoes found in the aftermarkets, or coconuts, raw mangoes. Crossing a river in Hampi, five times, clothed as Gandhi. Heading for South-east Asia.        
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05 avril 2012

Kms Walked: 520 / Total Kms: 10400

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh "MP" as they say. Woohoo ! 10 thousands kilometers. Starting this travel I thought I would party somewhat reaching this symbolic threshold. Nope. I have no friends to party with - even my good old fellow, Francois, left me for an Iranian girl (which is perfectly understandable), and I feel a bit bluesy right now. Here's a funny thing to do: check 5000project.com at the tab "Iran", then the city "Tabriz", you might be surprised ^^ I recently gave an interview to a national Indian newspaper I can't remember... [Lire la suite]
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