26 octobre 2012

The Great Shoe-Picking Adventure

Wandering in a sunny morning around the Melbourne suburbs, I suddenly spotted what I've been looking for the last couple of months: a pretty rad pair of shoes. Around Australia (and all western countries, sounds like a trend) young folks use to throw their shoes up the aerial wires of electrical poles, reaching impressive shoe-per-meter concentrations, sometimes. But those were perfect. I had time, nothing urgent to do, and they looked like my size, great, high shoes.  Presently I started to shoot at it with my slingshot.... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2012

Walked Kms: 985 / Total Kms: 27100

Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia A THING OR TWO I've been depicting a lot of bad stuff on this blog, and there's more to be told. But now I realize I may give the idea I'm suffering hell - while I'm having the time of my life ! Australia IS wonderful ! I'm particularly amazed by birds and wildlife in general, they're my daily companions (Koo-koo-koo-kaa-ka-kaaaaa !!!!) and they're gracious companions. Australians are awesome folks: generous, laid-back, simple - a few weirdos, they're my favourites ^^ I feel they're the people it... [Lire la suite]
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13 octobre 2012

Walked kms: 970 / Total Kms: 26700

Adelaide, South Australia An underground church in Cobber Pedy, a opal-miners town, where everything is underground. Me in Antarctica. Ahh just joking, it's me on a salt lake !
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09 octobre 2012


After heaps of problem to reach this big island, here I am, in the middle of the stuart Highway, heading, finally, for the cold south. Let's see how's Tasmania. Australia's a weird country. Looks very clean. A bit like switzerland. And a bit like them, they disregarded the crisis, though I doubt they'll escape it when south'east asia will fall behind India and the hidden flaws of China. There's no clean way to escape a crisis. One of them is to have such a high-valued currency that it would repel immigration and create "a kind of... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2012

Walked Kms: 948 / Total Kms: 25100

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia A LONG ARTICLE First: This is Uluru, though in a different point of view you might already have seen it. Check that, Pierre. Then: TIMOR-LESTE (the picture up that is me and Martin, my big friend upthere along with his uncle Bento ^^ - the lizard right here is the guardian of the House of Martin's family, in the mountains, in Cribas - no joke; it would frighten rats which were thrice its size. I was amazed !!!) Me and the adorable (but cheeky) Milania !!!! ^^ milania... [Lire la suite]
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