A quick update to say I made it. Eating grasshoppers, termites, green ants, a few birds... Biting the red dust.

On my way to Uluru.


Bento, Martin, Leicha, Auntie, Milana, and all the others..

I can't build such a tribute that would cover all that you did for me.

I love you. All of you. I'll always remember those evenings on the threshold of your house. I'll remember dancing with Leicha at the marriage. I'll remember witty auntie ! And Martin... Who would have guessed, in this bus from Kupang ! And Criwas, Manatuto... The football match with Leicha: "Five to ZERO, YYYEEAEAAAAAHHHH !!!!" (heaps of children rushing around).

And Milania.... Well. I'll upload some vids uphere when I'll be able to. See you in ten years ^^