Everyday Life


I realized some time ago this blog drastically lacked (among numerous other things) an everyday life content: pics of how I survive.

Well, I still have no pics of fishes or rabbits, that I promised to Pierre, but here's what I have:

Image002My clothes hanging down a palm-tree.

My shoes were destroyed by ten months of harsh hiking. I found leather, rusty nails and rubber, and here's the result:


Army everywhere: US Marines, Navy, UN.... Arrgh. I feel stressed. Francois always mocked my paranoia of authority. Gasp.

Timor-Leste. There's too much to write on this emerging country. Lots of hope - lots of dead-ends as well. No one can tell how Dili's gonna look like in a few years, and certainly not me. What I see is they manage more cultural freedom here than in Indonesia.

Average monthly salary of a Timori (actually earning a salary): 320 $

Average rental price of a house with current water and electricity, isolation and a fridge: 500 $

UN diplomats salaries in Timor Leste: from 8 000 $ to 30 000 $


Hanging out with cool dudes playing metal and singing in tetun (the traditionnal language) - awesome. I feel really lucky to be here at the cradle of this naiton - everything seems possible.

I have three boats in scope heading for Darwin in a few days. No certainty yet. I cross my fingers.