27 juillet 2012

Walked Kms: 760 / Total Kms: 23200

Kupang, West Timor KOMODO Sans Titre "I met the dragon In a cave by the mountain Now I bring the evidence The beast is alive"                    Gojira, Where Dragons Dwell   After a long trip hitch-hiking trucks throughout the numerous ferries of the Sonda archipelago (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores) - some of them with the unextinguishable help of my Jakarta friends (when will they stop ?) I managed to get the entrance of the park for free (via the director of the... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2012

Interview for Media Indonesia

I gave number of interviews during this travel, but this one is worth reading - an opus of my friend and journalist, Patna ! http://www.mediaindonesia.com/mediatravelista/index.php/read/2012/07/17/4089/2/Enam-Hari-Jalan-Kaki-di-Yunani http://www.mediaindonesia.com/mediatravelista/index.php/read/2012/07/17/4088/2/Selama-Sebulan-Pelesiran-di-Indonesia  
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12 juillet 2012

Mount Merapi

By the way, I've got my Australian visa.
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09 juillet 2012

Some more pics

Ondil Ondil !!!! Coincidence ? I don't think so...
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08 juillet 2012

Walked kms: 730 / Total kms: 20800

Jakarta, Java, Indonesia Hello everybody !!! Lack of updates, those times, uh ? 'know why ? Because Indonesia is breathtaking enough to drive me away from homework. Opportunities of getting on the internet were plenty, though. Indo is still SE-Asia: Wi-Fi everywhere...  Well: after getting on the ferry from Kuala Lumpur to Dumai (it cost me less money to pay for the ferry + visa on arrival than it would have to pay the visa at the embassy and to hitch hike a container boat. Really. Can't help it), I hitch iked my way to... [Lire la suite]
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