17 juin 2012

Sea cucumbers

Me and a sea cucumber. That's the black thing.
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12 juin 2012

Walked Kms: 700 / Total Kms: 19000

Malaysia Hard hitch-hiking in a modern country. Boy-scout of the king, Thailand  It means 'Love" in Thailand... Mmmm:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF4XwUu0r18  Yep ! The mighty cyrodileean empire actually has its headquarters in a pub of Kuala Lumpur ! On a car. Thai and Malay like tuning, hell yeah. Petronas towers The highest twin structure in the world, Kuala Lumpur. Batu caves For the ones who saw "Sanctum", it should remind you of something... It's a high plcae of the Hindu religion,... [Lire la suite]
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07 juin 2012

Walked Kms: 660 Total Kms: 17200

Chumphon, Thailand   Yep. Thailand is incredibly beautiful. And after the plains of Isan, the mountains of the North, I'm going down, along the beaches of the Malaysian peninsula. The water is blue-green, perfectly transparent, and big lizards rush around. Down here is a "Kingku", from my walks in the jungle. You can eat it, although it requires long and thorough cooking. Iule Geante I congratulate myself from keeping my tent so far. No mosquitos !
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02 juin 2012

Walked Kms: 610 / Total Kms: 15900

Thailand, Isan, Nongbalamphu After quite an embarassing mess, I'm back on the trail, this time heading for the North of Thailand, where I heard the authentic and beautiful life of the country lies. This is beautiful and people are... Awesome. First, some photographs of Bangkok: Now, special dedicace to Julien, with this local taxi (touc-touc) driver custom cockpit: And now, just for you, hysterical schoolgirls ! Youhou ! All I've ever dreamt of ! Schoolgirls in Bangkok    
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