30 janvier 2012

Interview with Natalie Arthaud, leader of Lutte ouvriere, trotskyst french political party.

I totally forgot this vid was online so here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUa2PfBIYdw&feature=player_embedded It's already valuable for my total-hippy look but also for what is said. Everything is on youtube. Sorry for the non-french speakers !   See you for a complete message.
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17 janvier 2012

Walked Kms: 420/ Total kms: 5075

http://maps.google.fr/maps/ms?msid=200965993097799504753.0004b036906a78011a4a5&msa=0&ll=44.024422,19.863281&spn=30.094135,56.162109 Maybe the last message before entering Iran. We're in Diyarbakir, the gate to Kurdistan. Here, they call it "The Turkish Paris", because it's close to everything in the country. The city has gigantic basalt walls, and most of them are well-conserved - young people gather in it to smoke illegal stuff. Inside the walls it's like the dwarves mine, La Moria, in The Lord of The Rings. Big basaltic... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2012

Walked Kms: 360/ Total kms: 4500

Hello eveybody !   It's been a while and plenty of things happened to us since Ankara. Plenty. I'm now ın Kalataş, close to Adana. Istanbul was a wonderful experience, and the beginning of my reading of the Qu'ran. I have awful lots of things to read, to learn: Turkısh, Mevlana Rumi - I'm writing a book on our story wıth Mohammed - He gave me the tıtle (whıch could'nt have been better) "Cosmic Romantics". I'll wrıte ıt in French and ın Englısh ( Romances Cosmıques, donc). I have a good feelıng about it. Now ın Karataş, closest... [Lire la suite]
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