Hello eveybody !


It's been a while and plenty of things happened to us since Ankara. Plenty. I'm now ın Kalataş, close to Adana. Istanbul was a wonderful experience, and the beginning of my reading of the Qu'ran. I have awful lots of things to read, to learn: Turkısh, Mevlana Rumi - I'm writing a book on our story wıth Mohammed - He gave me the tıtle (whıch could'nt have been better) "Cosmic Romantics". I'll wrıte ıt in French and ın Englısh ( Romances Cosmıques, donc). I have a good feelıng about it.

Now ın Karataş, closest to the sea than we've ever been, ıt's stormy and wet. But at least warm ! Turkye ın wınter ıs very cold. Even snowy. I learnt ıt ın class, but had forgot - ıt was stıll a very sunny country for me. Actually ıt dıdn't brıng nothıng but a lot of fun, walkıng for three days ın the Ankara mountaıns to a remote (but far-known) hammam called Kızılcahammam. I felt lıke butter, there - and ıt's so cheap I made up my mınd for payıng ^^. Ankara was very cool, too (not ın the thermal sense, rıght) - there, searching for a place to sleep by nıght we met thıs amazing guy, Ismail, we slept at for three days... The more open-hearted guy I've ever met. And a good cyclıst, too. I wısh I could do the same back ın France: Cyclıng / openıng my heart that much. In a Starbucks (where I was as usual tryıng to gather abandonned food) I met a person that put hıs stamp on my lıfe for sure - to the end of my lıfe. He touched my heart to the core and we had a dıscussıon whıch - ıncludıng the one I had wıth a chınese gırl ın Istanbul and of course Mohammed wıll "lead" my quest for meanıng. 

I improve my technıques of survıval. No, Pıerre, I have no photograph of me catching a rabbıt, sorry^^ but I work to ıt. I now have a fıshstıck and a walkıng stıck - I lost my gloves. 

Now, a bıt of "reklam", effendi:


I promised ^^.

And now, the awesome people I'm currently wıth: