Great moment of doubt. Athenes is wonderful, and I found a bunch of anarchists with whom I've been able to understand a bit of what's happening here. I've never seen anything quite like this before... The "communists" protecting the parliament from the anarchist's molotovs... The civil war before any actual class struggle. It seems to me that none of those self-assumed leaders of revolution actually mean anything else that childish rioting... With a bit of stalinism, for the "communists" - who're orthodox christians as well, here...


Anyway, here are the news from the local fast-food.

It promises to get hard after Istanbul... Now's the question: Afghanistan or Iran ?

In Afghanistan, I'll have to pay for lots of visas (all central Asia, in fact), and I'll be compelled to have my own bodyguard, if it's not the army itself...

Iran is shorter, less costly, far less dangerous, but paradoxically, the visa seems unbelievably hard to obtain... I have to start the procedures already.

Still, not a single penny went out of my pocket, from France to here. I pray to Jesus it carries on this way (for I promised to a great Croatian I would pray to him)