I deliver this message because I changed my mind for a few things. First of all, I won't be walking all along. My bag must be 30 kgs heavy, without all the stuff I carry on with me; camera, foodbag, fishstick... I did a lot of hard treks, but three days of this one had me convinced I can't do more. My bag is well attached and I've got good shoes, but only one day of this hell gave me the biggest blisters I've ever seen - two days more and I knew I would have to hitchhike or give it up.

I reached my maximum in those three days - and I'm ready to do the same - not more. But it means that if I really want to do this, I'll have to hitchhike. And still walk all I can because sometimes I'll be compelled to.

So I make this update to state that nothing changes (Antarctica, almost no money, very heavy backpack, several years trip) but this: I'll be half walking, half hitchhiking. From now on, every new message shall be entitled with the ratio "Kms walked / Total Kms"